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Addiction - Drugs and alcohol consumption is at its most basic level a way for people to change their current emotional state (even if only temporarily).  This is of course very tempting if your current emotional state is unpleasant or painful.  However, addiction is when the use of alcohol or drugs becomes habitual and problematic, causing you difficulties physically, psychologically, financially or socially. 


At East London Mental Health we are not here to judge you and whilst some drugs are illegal to use in the UK, Psychotherapists are here to help you explore your use not to criminalise you for it.  Drug and alcohol use can of course be pleasurable and is not always a automatically dangerous activity but it is important to monitor your levels and the effect it has on your life.


Moderate/High levels of alcohol or low levels of more potent illegal drugs can result in:

  • Intensifying difficulties they were initially thought to be helping with (For example alcohol and depression or cocaine and lack of confidence)

  • Physical problems such as stomach/liver/brain damage

  • Isolation and loss of relationships/friends

  • Financial difficulties

  • Criminal record or involvement with Police/Social Services

  • Change of personality and/or mood swings


East London Mental Health is not a specialist addictions service and if you are drinking heavily or using drugs on a regular basis you may find more appropriate help and support from your local drug/alcohol treatment services.  There can be alot of stigma attached to visiting services like these but they really can help.



A really useful overview support services to find near you...


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If you need to talk? we are here to help...

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