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Sexuality - It is very common for people to struggle with their sexuality and sexual desires at some time in their lives.  Sexuality is as individual as your fingerprint and problems arise often when we narrowly define what we and others are.  In 21st Century Britain, there seems to be an increasing number of labels and terms to describe our sexual selves but often people remain confused, ashamed or worried about what they want to do and who they want to do it with! 


Worries about what others think, how families/partners/friends will react are common and can deeply affect our wellbeing.  Alternatively accepting the sexuality of those close to us can be difficult too, finding yourself torn perhaps between loving someone and worrying about them.


A list of sexualities would most likely be long and unhelpful but common issues around sexuality includes:

  • Confused and perhaps scared by my feelings

  • Sexual performance, inexperience, expectations

  • Shame or embarrassment

  • Body confidence, size

  • Acceptance by family/friends including coming out.

  • Infertility, pregnancy and children

  • High or low sex drive

  • Risky sexual behaviour and STIs


At East London Mental Health we specialise in the problems men face in their lives and for many men sex and sexuality can be an area of difficulty and often shame.  Superficial conversations about sex including jokes, banter and bragging often hide a more serious concern or question about what our desires might be.  Our therapists will help you explore your sexuality (whatever and however you define it) and aid you in understanding yourself and hopefully leading a more open and fulfilling sexual life.



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