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East London Mental Health

Our fees are simple and clear and payment can be made using most major bank/credit cards.  You can also pay by bank transfer if you prefer.


Initial consultation     £90

Ongoing sessions      £70

Time Limited              £80


Missed/Cancelled sessions are chargeable but holidays (maximum 4 per year) can be arranged in advance and will not be charged.  Sessions cancelled by East London Mental Health are not charged.We are open weekdays and have a mix of appointment times available.


“How do i get help?”

  1. Call East London Mental Health or book an appointment.

  2. Arrange & pay for your initial consultation.

  3. Meet your therapist and explore what you want to work on and if therapy can help you.


When you call or complete the online contact form, we ask for your name and contact number and a brief description of what you want to explore (its not a problem if you don’t know). All patient information is private & confidential to East London Mental Health and will not be shared with any 3rd party organisations.

At your initial consultation you and your therapist will discuss your situation and work together on a treatment plan to address your issue.





90 Minutes

Therapy begins with an initial consultation where we start to talk about where we can help...





50 Minutes Per Session

Ongoing sessions with a qualified Psychotherapist. Exploring in-depth how you feel and how you want to change.



Time Limited


50 Minutes Per Session

6-8 sessions with a qualified Psychotherapist to focus on 1 apect of your life that is troubling you.



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