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Depression - Life is always full of ups and downs but depression is the name we give to a low or down feeling that doesn’t go away.  Depression can be mild or severe and can be very debilitating.  You might feel little or no enjoyment in doing things, you might feel bored and listless, you might wonder if life is worth living.  Depression can be a very difficult condition to diagnose and for a person to tackle and often others don’t understand what it can feel like.  It is very common for depressed people to be told or tell themselves to just “get on with it” and “cheer up!” but this won’t help.


Common symptoms of Depression include:

  • Feeling numb, empty, alone.

  • Low energy levels

  • Frustration and angry feelings often turned inward (“Its my fault i feel like this.”)

  • Hopeless and despairing sometimes with thoughts of suicide

  • Increased/Decreased appetite and/or increase in alcohol consumption.


Recovery from Depression can often take time although there are some practical things you can do that should help you feel a bit better.  For example, exercise can be of real benefit and a reduction in drinking (alcohol is a depressant drug afterall) will improve your mood.  However, even simple steps like this can be very hard to initiate and sustain when depressed and so support and help is essential. 


East London Mental Health will help you explore the deeper underlying feelings behind your depression but will also suggest and help you take up changes in your behaviour. 

It is not uncommon to have thoughts of harming yourself and these can be quite frightening.  It is important to talk about how you feel with someone you trust.  If you are having thoughts of killing yourself or have even started to plan how you might do so - please call 999 or go to your local A+E department. 


Alternatively the Samaritans can be reached free from mobiles and landlines on 116 123 - they always offer a safe space to talk.



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