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Your Symptons?

Hi i'm Simon - Senior Clinician at East London Mental Health. The following information is not intended as a diagnostic tool or to help categorize your mental health. 


Sometimes it can be helpful to understand a bit more about what sort of problems other people can have to better understand what you might be experiencing in your own life.







Suffering from anxiety can show itself in many ways.  Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or fear which can be mild to severe.  Anxiety is a natural emotional response to situations that might threaten us and we need it to stay safe. 


Sometimes though it can get out of control or react when not needed. 


Life is always full of ups and downs but depression is the name we give to a low or down feeling that doesn’t go away.


You might feel little or no enjoyment in doing things, you might feel bored and listless, you might wonder if life is worth living.


It can be difficult to define what we mean by stress as it is used both as the cause of problems (“I can’t sleep because i’m stressed.”) and the result of problems (“I’m getting so stressed about work.”) 


Stress often comes from being under too much pressure and it can manifest both psychologically and physically. 


It is very common for people to struggle with their sexuality and sexual desires at some time in their lives. 


Sexuality is as individual as your fingerprint and problems arise often when we narrowly define what we and others are. 


One of the most painful and challenging experiences of life is the loss of someone you love and care about. 


Death is a harsh but inevitable part of life but it can leave those left behind feeling hopeless, powerless, angry, shocked, guilty, depressed, lonely or sometimes feeling nothing at all. 


Human relationships are all different and problems or conflicts are a natural and normal part of forming bonds and partnerships with others. 


Ideally strong and lasting relationships are built upon good communication but this is not always easy.


Drugs and alcohol consumption is at its most basic level a way for people to change their current emotional state (even if only temporarily). 


This is of course very tempting if your current emotional state is unpleasant or painful. 



Unsure of what you are feeling but know you need help maybe our symptons page can help?

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