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Relationship Problems - Human relationships are all different and problems or conflicts are a natural and normal part of forming bonds and partnerships with others.  Ideally strong and lasting relationships are built upon good communication but this is not always easy and sometimes having someone to talk to outside of your relationship can be very helpful.  Maybe you find it hard to make connections with others, maybe you keep choosing unsuitable partners, maybe you worry you’ve made the wrong choice or that your partner behaviour is making you unhappy. 


Some common issues include:

  • Confidence and opportunity to meet and talk to others.

  • Worries about the future and commitment and marriage.

  • Concerns about children, pregnancy and fertility.

  • Sexuality and/or sexual performance.

  • Breakups, divorce, open relationships and casual encounters.

  • Cheating and trust.

  • Drifting apart, spending little time together, working too much.



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