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Stress - It can be difficult to define what we mean by stress as it is used both as the cause of problems (“I can’t sleep because i’m stressed.”) and the result of problems (“I’m getting so stressed about work.”)  Stress often comes from being under too much pressure and it can manifest both psychologically and physically. 


Pressure is a part of modern life and in some cases it can drive our ambition and help us challenge ourselves but it can also overwhelm and damage our resilience.  When stress or stressful feelings are sustained and carried too long our minds and sometimes our bodies start to show the strain.


Symptoms may include:

  • Feeling tired but often unable to rest/relax

  • Overwhelmed and wound up

  • Irritable and mood swings - loss of confidence

  • Increase in alcohol consumption

  • Lack of interest in activities including sex


Tackling stress is often about making changes.  Sometimes there are practical changes to identify and plan to make, sometimes you might also need to explore the aspects of your personality that have pushed you into the stressful situations in the first place.



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